Alison Percy

In the studio

I am an Australian artist exploring the land, the figure and the flower.

Referencing traditional Japanese calligraphy, I combine my fascination of fluid forms with my knowledge and passion of colour. My style is clean but lyrical and gives notion to a previous career in illustration; I continue to engage with this interesting tension between art and design through my semi-abstract paintings. My work is full of movement and rhythm, juxtaposing vibrant and muted tones as part of my continuous study of colour.

Based in Albury on the border of Victoria and New South Wales, I have worked in the creative industries for over 30 years. Originally training as a graphic designer, I have also freelanced as an interior design consultant and calligrapher. I have always had an eye for detail that suited a career in the arts.

Since my first solo exhibition in 2015, I continue to exhibit several times a year and my work has been featured in publications such as Belle, The Design Files and Est Living. I also tutor at the Murray Art Museum Albury, a role I relish as an opportunity to provide the guidance I wish I had at the start of my own artistic journey. My work is available to purchase and I accept a limited number of private commissions each year.



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Art Edit
In Series
September 2023

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The Design Files
August 2022

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BMG - The Journey
Episode 48: Alison Percy
May 2022

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Regional Lifestyle Magazine
Spring 2021 +
Collector’s Edition Volume 2

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The Design Files
March 2021

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Belle Magazine
Smart Spaces
Feb/Mar 2021

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Show out of holding pattern
Border Mail
January 2021

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Southern Wild Co
Artists we loved in 2020
January 2021

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The Design Files
December 2020

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Art Edit + Interior Design
November 2020

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Southern Wild Co
Notes from the Shedquarters
November 2020

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EST Living
Australian Interiors
October 2020

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Art Edit
Living With Art
June 2019

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Fashion Journal
Artist Spotlight
Issue 188 March 2019

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Art show heads to the great outdoors
Border Mail
March 15 2019

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KAB Gallery Blog
February 2019

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Albury Wodonga Visitors Guide
Painter’s Portrait
January 2019

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Landscapes light the way
Border Mail
November 2018

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Art Edit
Artist Profile
November 2018

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Living With Art
Art Mood
August 2018

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The Age
May 25 2018

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Art Life
May 2018

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Art Life
May 2018

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Border Mail
April 2018

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Art Edit
Artist Spotlight
April 2018

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Regional Arts Victoria
October 2017

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Border Mail News
August 2017

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Go Local Magazine
January 2017

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Art Edit
Artist Showcase
September 2016

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Border Mail
August 2016

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Murray Arts
Feature Artist
June 2016

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Border Mail
April 2016

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Art Edit
Artist Profile
July 2015

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Border Mail
Weekend Pulse
July 2015

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Artist Review (Extract)
by Tracie MacVean
June 2015

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Border Mail
Weekend Pulse
May 2015

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